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Our Ethos

Here at Studio Dawn we create mindful macrame home decor, plant hangers and craft kits using the art of tying knots! We stand for a happy planet, so every creation is made with 100% recycled cotton cord and is packed with planet-friendly, eco conscious packaging. 

Macrame is a mindful activity - it allows us to be present in the moment of creating; something that is incredibly good for the soul. This is something we want to share, so now on our website you’ll find a range of Make-Your-Own Mindful Macrame kits AND tickets to a range of Mindful Macrame Workshops too!

  • Planet Friendly

    We use premium 100% recycled cotton cord to create all our macrame creations, and when we send it off to you we package it in entirely recylable packaging!

  • Positive Impact

    We want to ensure every order makes you happy - each package is packed with a positive affirmation card and a lovely herbal tea. Take some time for yourself!

  • Mindful

    Mindfulness is at the heart of everything we do, from our Mindful Macrame kits that provide a little you-time, to carefully crafted products that are made slowly, with purpose and with the planet in mind.

  • Accessible

    All our Mindful Macrame kits and our Mindful Macrame Workshops are aimed at beginners, novices and newbies! Macrame is such a wonderful craft, and we've made it as easy as possible for anyone to enjoy it!