Hey! I’m Chelsie. I’ve spent my whole working life so far making coffee for the masses. Hospitality has always been my jam. There's nothing I love more than chatting to someone new - but I’m a wild old soul, and the thankless routine of a 9-5 didn’t allow me to thrive like I wanted to, hell - it didn’t even leave me with time to look after myself!

Here I was, all chained up in a job I hated. I wanted to wake up to a wide open morning, a day with endless possibilities and all the time in the world to put myself first.. Plus, my Saturn return had come around - I’d just turned 25 and was re-evaluating my life so far (who’s been there?!)  - I realised if I didn’t start putting myself first soon then when was I ever going to? I wanted to get out of my job and go on a new adventure!

The problem is, you can’t go on some big new adventure when you’re not ready for it. I’d put my mental health on the back burner whilst I worked myself to the bone for someone else; I’d taken up yoga, and whilst I loved it with all my heart, outside of that hour a week I wasn’t living in a way that was healthy. But how do you live healthy? I realised I needed to find mindfulness in my life; to slow down and enjoy each moment instead of working my days away.

It’s easier said than done though, right?! I didn’t know how I could find a more mindful way of living.  I found macrame almost accidentally, during lockdown it kept my hands busy and allowed me to focus all my energy in one place. It did the one thing I’d needed for so long: it allowed me to enjoy the seconds slowly, each one at a time, tuning out the things that made me anxious.

Mindfulness can be found in the most unexpected of places; find what you love first - mindfulness will follow.

Once I’d started I couldn’t stop. I loved the space macrame took me to; it became meditative. I could come into a magical space that let me feel productive and creative. It was something that allowed me to live that mindful day-to-day life I’d been wanting for so long. It was the adventure I’d been waiting for, so I jumped in head first. 

I loved filling our home with plant hangers, every bit of space was filled with leafy green babies strung up in beautiful macrame creations. I felt happier then than I’d felt in so long; I wanted to share this new mindful experience with others, so I took the plunge and started my own online business creating craft kits for others! It was a magical feeling but I did start to doubt myself.. did the world need what I was making? Would other people need this as much as I had?

Well, SPOILER ALERT: they did! It turned out there were so many people out there like me who needed something in their lives that brought them into a mindful space. Now I get to wake up every day doing something that I love.

The magic of macrame changed my life  - is it going to change yours?!