5 Unexpected Benefits of Self-Care Craft Workshops

5 Unexpected Benefits of Self-Care Craft Workshops

Creative workshops are my bread and butter, as the human who runs the majority of our mindful craft workshops here at Studio Dawn, I've seen quite literally thousands of people benefit from getting their hands around some creativity!

1. The Dopamine Hit

This is my absolute number one because it's technically like a five in one.. hear me out. So when you decide to do something new, you're sitting and furiously googling things like 'creative workshops in Manchester' or 'make my own lamp!' and eventually you land on one you like, you book it and the email pops into your inbox. That first little rush of dopamine hits, look at me - doing something new and a bit scary!

Then the day comes, you arrive and meet the other equally as gently apprehensive people who're getting ready to get crafty, you introduce yourself - you make friends, another sweet little happy chemical hit, yes pleeeeeease.

Studio Dawn Creative Plant Pot Workshop - Woman Holding Plant Pot

At the end of your creative sesh, you've made something that you honestly had some doubts about being able to do, but you do it, look what you did! The dopamine hits again, I can't believe I did this! I'm so glad I did.

2. The Surprise

So there's always this running joke that every craft workshop someone will say 'oh I'm so not artistic, you'll have a hard job teaching me!' or something to that effect, and every time I laugh because I know how it's gonna go..

Studio Dawn Creative Plant Pot Workshop - Man & Woman Making Pot

I mean, aside from the fact you've got me to guide you through the whole process, craft classes are always designed to be easy - no one is trying to add stress to your day, quite the opposite actually, so when you inevitably get to the end of the class and you're holding what you've spent the last couple of hours making.. you'll be pleasantly surprised. So much so that it gently runs into the rest of your day to day, you give yourself that little extra belief that you can do new things, and do them well.

That person who tells me they aren't artistic always surprises themselves.

3. The Social Aspect

Okay so let's completely ignore the actual crafting side of craft workshops for a sec (I know, what am I thinking?!) and let's just cut to that moment at the end of the workshop, you've made made plans for dinner next week with the couple opposite you and the girl next to you has gassed you up when you weren't sure of your colour combo. You complimented the woman at the end of table on her dress and she's been quietly beaming the whole sesh. You leave just feeling happy and floaty in your belly, like the people who shared this table with you are people you've known for years. 

Studio Dawn Creative Plant Pot Workshop - Group of people

4. The Accidental Meditation

During a craft class, your brain is so focussed on taking in the task at hand that everything else melts away. Honestly if you're doubting what I'm saying just you try and worry about that work email whilst I'm giving you 5 different steps to remember and you're chatting away happily to the people sat near you. It's not that I don't believe in your abilities, but come on - no one has the brain power to worry, learn and chat at the same time. 

Welcome to the much needed break from your busy brain, I know you weren't expecting it.

5. The Happy Home

This one is plain and simple. Living in a space that includes things you've made means you see these things every day. You've woken up and made a cuppa, and you've popped it on that drinks coaster that you made in that craft workshop. 

The memories of that night come flooding back and make you smile, the reminder that you made this lovely thing that you use everyday gives you a little wave of happy hormones, it makes your home a happy place to be.

Studio Dawn Creative Plant Pot Workshop - Finished Plant Pot Set

If you'd like to come along to one of our self-care craft workshops, you can find the full list on our website. Our workshops are accessible to all and are always a safe space.

Photography: Charlie Jepson

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