Mindful Macrame: The Beginners Box

Welcome to your Beginners Box! I'm so pleased that you're starting your macrame journey!

For me, macrame has always been such a relaxing activity - I hope it can be for you too. Make sure you're patient with yourself as you start, the first step to being good at something is being bad at it, so don't worry if those first few knots are wonky!

Below is a list to all of the video tutorials in your booklet, as well as some other ones! I'm constantly filming new ones so don't forget to check back to find new projects to try out!

Introduction to Macrame Knots Video

Quick Beginner Projects:

- Macrame Key Rings

Intermediate Projects:

- Wristlet Keychain/Bag Strap

- Drinks Coasters

- Mini Plant Hanger

- Classic Plant Hanger

- Wall Plant Hanger

- Boho Bunting Kit